Why The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead Works?

"Most Acceptable, Most Cost-Effective & Most Sustainable"


1First, The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® provides automatic water flow rate and pressure controls.  Constant high pressure feeling, constant water volume 1.5-gpm (+/- 5%) from 20 psi to 120 psi. No other low flow shower head has this patented feature!  The Most cost effective low flow shower head.    The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® - Best Available Low Flow Shower

2Second, The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® air chamber creates turbulence by mixing water and air, so you actually shower with bubbles exploding on the body with high velocity for quick rinsing of shampoo and conditioners, 96% User Acceptance!  Most low flow showers have 15% to 60% user complaints. 

3Third, The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® is the first low flow shower head engineered to be self-cleaning with no mineral deposit buildup, and carries a 20-Year Replacement Warranty.   Product life greater than 30 years!  The best low flow shower warranty and the most cost effective low flow shower.  Return-On-Investment (ROI) Less Than 12 Months; Normally 5 - 7 Months; 15% Less Than 3 Months.  

4Fourth, all new 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® models include an Anti-Scald feature that is easily engaged when the water is too hot or too cold by pushing the swivel shower head away from the body at least 45°. Moving it beyond 45° cuts flow rate to

5Fifth, there is "no restrictor" in this patented, The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead®, water & energy-efficient high tech device. Why pay for showers with "restrictors" that are easily removed, thrown away, thus defeating any potential savings, normally the reason for the purchase?  Within 12 months, 15% to 60% of restrictors have been removed by dissatisfied users, actually increasing many utilities. 

6Last, The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® provides 33% to 75% greater usage savings on the three shower-related utilities compared to low flow shower heads, water-saver shower heads or water-saving shower heads (2.5-gpm). An additional annual savings of $60 - $240 per family unit.  The most cost-effective low slow shower.  Since the installation of a proven "greening" product, a 100% tax credit is  each available to each commercial purchaser. 


The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead®

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Check out the original patent for The Jet-Stream" Showerhead®(patft.uspto.gov).

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The "Jet-Stream" Showerhead - Best Available Low Flow Shower

* When compared to a 10.0 gallons per minute shower. See our 2-Minute Savings Calculator to determine the water usage of showers.  The "Jet-Stream" Showerhead - Best Available Low Flow Shower

 ** Based on the national average cost of water, sewage and natural gas and a 2.5 gallons per minute showerhead.


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