Test & Compare

To The Current Showers

Normal Savings 40% - 75%

LEED Architects & Construction Engineers, Business Owners, Presidents, CEO's, Executive Directors of Public Housing Authorities (PHA), US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Army, US Coast Guard of multi-family housing, facilities or ships, colleges, universities Sustainability, Utility or Energy Manager of student & faculty residential housing or athletic facilities or General Manager, CEO, CFO, Campus Architect, or Chief Engineer of hotels, motels, owner of apartments, exercise club, prisons, jails or other multi-family dwellings.

If your business pays for water, sewage & heated water utilities, pay-back is always less than twelve (12) months.

First, you (the business Chief Executive Officer, Owner, Energy, Utility, Sustainability or Manager) must test, or personally witness, the current shower(s) test to determine the output water volume in gallons per minute (gpm), providing truthful answers to all requested information to qualify for a "free" test unit. Most "test it" at home first, get family input and then "test it" in the office!



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