Online Purchase Instructions

Web Purchasing is very easy.. Just follow these simple steps:

1At the top of the page, place the cursor on "Product Info" and click on "View Products." All 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerheads save money and substantially reduce shower related utilities (water, sewage and hot water) provide excellent showers with 96% user acceptance, and carry the best warranty, a 20-year replacement warranty, and are sold under a 30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guaranty. Each model has a model number, weight and retail price. The larger the model requiring more brass to manufacturer, the greater the retail price.

2Select a Product of interest. To order or learn more about any of our high-pressure shower heads and faucet aerators, click the "LEARN MORE" button underneath the photo. You may also click on the PHOTO to get to the same place.

3Review the information details for the chosen model, then click "Submit" if you wish to continue with the purchase or use the browser's back arrow to select a different model.

4"Proceed To Checkout" to complete the credit card process or "Continue Shopping" if you wish to purchase a different or additional models. For credit card orders, the exact contact name and address on the credit card must be the same as entered on the form.

5Enter in the desired quantities in the shopping cart. If you enter less than the minimum quantity, you will get an error message. For additional help or to order by phone, please contact us at (866) 520-0094.



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