Testimonial Letters

   "Most Acceptable, Most Cost-Effective & Most Sustainable"

Since 1975, read what many of our more than 4,000 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead commercial customers have to say about the savings and performance in the following testimonial letters.

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Northeast Oregon
Housing Authority

Fairmont Villa

RGR Associates

Revere Housing

Golden Bear

Properties Inc.

Frendship Inn

Management Inc.

Curley's Motel

Dan Dee Motel

Delta Queen

Henry Mikul
Realty Company

McIntosh Motor Inns

Hosts of America, Inc.

The Midwick
Hotel and Appartments

Modern Motor Inn

The Dixon Inn

Motor Inn

Quality Inn

Eden House

The Vail
Athletic Club Hotel

William E. Fox
& Charles J. Henry

Western Management Inc.

Timber Ridge

Bruyea-Pond Motels

Beachview Cottage

Country Manor Realtors


We have over 37 Years of Proven Low Flow Shower Commercial Performance in Water & Energy Efficient, Cost-Effective, Low Flow Shower Heads. 

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Since 1975, the 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® has been used in commerce and industry providing a feeling of high pressure showers with 96% user acceptance.  More than 400,000 public housing authorities, lodging properties, colleges, universities, hospitals, tour ships, military installations & ships, health spas, even federal and state prisons are satisfied customers.



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