Why Don't Most Low-Flow Shower Heads Work?

  "15% To 60% Of Restrictors Are Removed Within 12 Months"

The vast majority of low-flow shower heads, water-saver shower heads, or water-saving shower heads (1.50 to 2.5 gpm) are "restrictor-type" shower heads that were designed to function well at 6 to 10 gallons per minute (gpm) or more. There are four main problems with restrictor-type low-flow shower heads, water saver shower heads, or water-saving shower heads:

1People know that "restrictors" are easily removed and discarded and do so! This action defeats any potential savings.  Within one year, many properties have experienced 15% to 60% of restrictors removed, virtually eliminating most if not all of the potential savings and usage may indeed increase to levels higher than prior to the replacement of all shower heads. 



Most low-flow shower heads were designed to function well 6.0 gpm or higher with the restrictor added, the shower becomes a low pressure, more like a "waterfall" rather than a normal shower most people have grown to expect and enjoy. The results of this are low user acceptance and 15% - 60% individual user complaints and increased labor expense associated with resolving user complaints! 


3 The lack of high water pressure in most low flow shower heads also causes difficulty in rinsing shampoo and conditioner from hair, especially for long hair, causing longer individual showers and greater water usage and utility expenses in showers.


Hidden Costs - In multi-family housing, many low flow showers, have additional maintenance labor expenses associated with the travel to the location for removal of corrosion buildup or to replace the failed shower unit.  These additional labor maintenance expenses may easily exceed the price of the showers, normally less than $15 per unit.  These additional expense of cleaning and or replacement becomes a non issue when purchasing non-corrosive and self-cleaning shower heads with extended warranty features. 

Cheap Low Flow Showers Have Hidden Additional Costs -  In the rush to reduce water, sewage and heated water utilities expenses and in some instances comply with new National (FEMP) regulations associated with utility consumption and conservation of our natural resources, many multi-family housing executives have made an expensive error in judgment in the purchase of low flow shower heads. 

Since the regulations provide a specific number in gallons per minute (gpm), 3.0 2.5, 2.2, 2.0, 1.75. and 1.5, business "fiduciary" managers of water, energy, utilities, maintenance, purchasing, capital expenses and property management "rushed" to purchase and install the cheapest and lowest number available and ignoring an important principal, “cheapest is rarely the most economical.”  Cheap or inexpensive low flow showers are just that, cheap and they have hidden additional and expensive expenses.  The “big three” hidden expenses normally appear, but rarely are noticed, within weeks and up to five years later. 


What are these “hidden” additional expenses?  Dissatisfied users, 15% to 60%, react negatively to the new “low flow and normally low pressure.”  The normal reaction of dissatisfied users is to remove and discard the “restrictors,” used by most manufacturers reduce the flow rate.  Within the first twelve months. 15% to 60% of restrictors have been removed and discarded by the user (tenants, guests, members). 


First, the lack of “high pressure” in most low flow showers is the primary cause of " restrictor removal."  Cause and effect – removal of the restrictors by dis-satisfied users "increases" the water pressure, normally "doubles" the usage water and heater water volume as much and now provides the high pressure desired by every day users of shower heads. 

Second, removal of the restrictors normally doubles the water pressure, but also doubles the water volume.  Therefore, removal of the restrictor from 2.5 gpm low flow shower heads increases the water volume to approximately 5.0 gpm.  Restrictors do not “control” the water flow, rather, they restrict the flow of water and if 50% of the restrictors are removed within one year, “no savings” is achieved and the labor to replace, purchase price of the low flow shower head is wasted.  


Third, the cost of time, labor and often travel by vehicle to and from the location is normal the greater than the purchase price of the replacement low flow shower head, normally $5.00 to $10.00 per unit. 


Fourth, the initial and replacement expense of cheap, normally plastic, often within two years, directly associated with breakage and cleaning, normally with CLR for removal of chemicals, not including maintenance labor for cleaning and/or replacement.   


Two well-known universities on the West Coast, separated by about 1,500 miles had similar experiences within two years of the installation of the same low flow shower head at a purchase price of less than $10.00 per units and were labeled  maximum flow rate of 2.0 gpm.   Maintenance calls to the dormitories increased significantly to adjust, remove and replace a second or even a third time.  Re-installing the old shower head often resolved the problem call for maintenance.  Within two years there were excessive breakage events of the newly installed low flow shower heads.  Both institutions independently came to the same conclusion as follows: 

The maintenance labor and replacement costs of low flow shower heads cannot be resolved by simple purchasing the cheapest available low flow shower head.  There are other expense factors involved including:  low flow shower heads that are self-cleaning, non-corrosive save on maintenance labor expenses; extended replacement warranty reduces annual maintenance expenses and providing continued savings without any additional expense.  Therefore, low flow shower heads that actually control or regulate the flow rate and pressure providing pleasant and satisfying low flow showers, is self-cleaning, non-corrosive and long lasting have greater value.  Purchasing departments enforcing “low price bids” are doing a dis-service to the organization represented. 

Both institutions resolved all of these hidden costs issues with the exact same solution, each replaced the well known cheap plastic low flow shower head with The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead®, about $40.00 per unit, and are designed to provide high pressure showers and are self-cleaning, non-corrosive and carry a 20-year replacement warranty.   


Cheapest is rarely the most economical is true today.....

                 ..... as it was a century ago.

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4Fourth, all 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® models include an anti-scald feature that is easily engaged when the water is too hot or too cold by pushing the swivel shower head away from the body at least 45 degrees.

5Fifth, first low flow shower head engineered to be self-cleaning, no mineral deposit buildup and carries a 20-Year Replacement Warranty. Estimated product life exceeds 30 years.  Most cost effective low flow shower. 

6Last, it provides greater usage savings of 40% to 70% on the three shower-related utilities (water, sewage and hot water) compared to low-flow (2.5-gpm) shower heads.  Best low flow shower head money can buy. 

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* When compared to a 10.0 gallons per minute shower. See our 2-Minute Savings Calculator to determine the water usage of showers.

 ** Based on the national average cost of water, sewage and natural gas and a 2.5 gallons per minute showerhead.


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