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The previous form attempted to use an “undefined” action by the Shopping Cart. We regret that you were not able to make your purchase and we need your help to resolve this issue and you many receive a “free” showerhead if you are the “first” to report this problem with adequate information to correct this problem. We know that you are not the only visitor to our web site to have this problem and we want your business.

Please take a minute or so to E-mail: [email protected], providing your name, address, telephone and indicating the date, time and the nature of the problem (What were you doing?) You will receive an E-mail or telephone call when the problem is resolved and a free showerhead if you are the first to report with enough information to resolve the problem. You may also call toll-free 1(866) 520-0094 and leave the same information.

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K. H. “Skip” Haynes, Inventor & Patent Holder