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Freedom Model Showerhead

All models now available with patented "Theft Resistance."


E-602 - Freedom 1.5-gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead

*BOGO OFFER: 30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guaranty, Limited to one (1) BOGO Per Customer.

Model #: E602-1
Weight: 5.00 Oz.
Units Per Case: 75




"The Stradivarius Of Low Flow Showers"




Product Description/Specifications

High Pressure Showers - 96% User Acceptance

Designed Specifically For

Hotels, Inns, Time Share & Resorts

Single  Family Homes & Condos

Patented Features: 

  • 1.5 Gallons Per Minute (gpm), from 20 psi to 120 psi (+/-5%). The most energy-efficient and cost-effective low flow shower. This patented feature has an amazing benefit. It reduces the demand for energy heated water (hot water) 33% to 75% and resulting in virtually never running out of how water.
  • Precision Engineered For Automatic Rate Flow & Pressure Control
  • 96% User Acceptance - Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Self-Cleaning Low Flow Shower Head. No Mineral Deposits. The most sustainable low flow shower head.
  • Precision Engineered To Provide High-Pressure Massage Showers

Additional  Features:

  • All models are now available with "Theft Resistant."  Minimum order is six (6) units @ $5.50 per unit, plus $9.95 for one KeySet necessary for installation, one (1) per each twelve (12) units. 
  • Powerful, high pressure low flow showers - in a new "Space Capsule" design. If greater savings and higher performance standards are more important than appearance, Model E-102-1 low flow shower is the best choice.  The most cost-effective model. All models save 33% to 75% more than 2.0-gpm low-llow showers.   
  • Triple Chrome Plated Brass.  Non Corrosive.  Lead Free - "Lead Free*" means: (1) not containing more than 0.2% lead in solder and flux; (2) not more than a weighted average of 0.25% lead in wetted surfaces of pipes, pipe and plumbing fittings and fixtures.  
  • All 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerheads have the best shower head warranty available, 20-Year Replacement Warranty.  The world's most durable and sustainable low flow shower head. 
  • Weight: 5.00 Oz.
  • All new models of the 1.5 gpm “Jet-Stream” Showerhead® include an Anti-Scald feature that is easily engaged when the water is too hot or too cold.  To engage, push the shower head firmly to swivel shower head away from the body at least 45 degrees.  Moving the head in any direction beyond 45 degrees cuts the flow rate to less than 0.75 gpm. This feature may also used like a On/Off valve while soaping up to save addition water, sewage and heated water energy. 

Purchase Options:

  • Government Low Flow Shower Purchase Orders Accepted On Approved Credit.  GSA Contract # GS-07F-0058V
  • To Purchase Low Flow Shower Test Units Under 30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guaranty: (Click Here)


Low Flow Shower Designed For Single-Family Homes, Condos And High End Hospitality Properties

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Government Direct Purchase Orders Accepted With Credit Application

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K. H. "Skip" Haynes, Inventor & Patent Holder

Since 1975, Proven The World's Most Cost-Effective & Sustainable Shower.  Saving 33% to 75% More Water, Sewage, Hot Water Usage in Showers.