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Since 1999, The patented 1.5-gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® is the most cost effective low flow shower technology.  Designed to provide high pressure, brisk, stimulating, showers at all residential water pressures, while saving 40% minimum and up to 70% of water and sewer usage, plus the energy to heat water.  Note!  If installed properly, it works!

Performance tested in commerce and industry since 1988, our patented, water & energy-efficient, high-pressure, 1.5-gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® offers all of the following benefits to our customers:

The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® delivers a feeling of high pressure, a stimulating shower even at low water pressure (15 psi)—and that includes low-pressure gravity-feed water sources in remote areas like cabins in the mountains or in resorts in Canada and Mexico.

The "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® has been performance tested commercially and in industry since 1975 in hotels, motels, inns, resorts, apartments, colleges, universities, hospitals, tour ships, military installations, health spas, and even federal and state prisons.

The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® is self-cleaning and will not corrode from calcium or lime deposits, unlike other low flow shower heads, require cleaning or replacement depending upon the presence and quantity of mineral deposits in local water.

The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead® is made of durable, quality chrome-plated brass and is backed by a 20-year limited warranty.


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Water Pressure Fact

Residential water pressure is normally between 40-60 pounds per square inch (psi), but it actually varies during the day from 15 PSI to 120 PSI, depending upon water demand at the time. Water pressure drops at times when more people are using the water at the same time (5:00 AM to 8:00 AM) when most people are taking taking showers, shaving, brushing their teeth, etc. 

See our "Testimonials" (click here)  The 1.5 gpm "Jet-Stream" Showerhead is long lasting and has the best shower head warranty available, 20-Year Replacement Warranty.

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Our products meet ANSI/ASME Specification A112.18.1M 1.5.0 gpm, as well as meeting the performance requirements of the California Energy Commission, the Department of Environmental Conservation, Canadian Standards Association, Bonneville Power Administration and Federal, State and Local plumbing standards.

Choose The Model That's Right For You

For Public Housing, Apartments, Military Housing or Ships, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Car Washes, Exercise or Athletic Clubs, Prisons, Jails, Campgrounds, and Low-End to Medium Hospitality properties, choose our durable, high performance, water and energy efficient low flow shower heads available in the smaller Institutional Model E-102-1, Classic Model E-202-1, and Economy Model E-222-1, suitable. 

For Single-Family Homes, Condos, Cruise Ships and Medium to High-End Hospitality Properties we recommend our larger models, Liberty Model E-422-1, Freedom Model E-602-1, Luxury Model E-622-1, Lodging II Model E-702-1, and Omega Model E-802-1.


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