The Facts About Low-Flow Shower Heads

All Low-Flow Shower Heads Are Not Equal!

With “Jet-Stream” Showerheads® you get:
40% - 70% Greater Savings
96% Individual Acceptance
30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guaranty
10-Year Limited Warranty - Best Available!
“The Best Low-Flow Shower Head Money Can Buy”
Water & Energy Efficient Showers

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Go Low-Flow and Save Both Water and Money

Our first 2.0-gpm design was developed in 1975 and patented in 1978. The new and improved 1.5-gpm “Jet-Stream” Showerhead® with exploding, high pressure showers has made low flow showering fun again! Auto Flow Control to 1.5-gpm (+/- 2%) for water pressures from 15-psi to120-psi is the secret to high quality showers and a 40% to 70% greater savings. "Try it, you'll like it!" If you like it, tell someone! Going Green, or “Greening,” is good for the home, multi-family housing, the office, our community, and the world!

Proven Performance In Commerce Since 1975

Our low-flow, high-pressure “Jet-Stream” Showerheads® are designed specifically for single-family & condo home owners, multi-family housing apartments, PHA's (Public Housing Authorities), hotels, motels, inns, resorts, college & university dormitories, hospitals, tour ships, military installations, health spas, and federal and state prisons. All are satisfied customers because the Return On Investment (ROI) is normally less than one year.

Note: Once they try them, most consumers think the “high-pressure” showers with the 1.5-gpm “Jet-Stream” Showerheads® are much better than their old showerheads, so rather than tell them they are getting new “low-flow shower heads” or “water-saver shower heads,” tell them they're getting “the best new “high-pressure” showerheads on the market!” or “The best low-flow showerhead money can buy!”

* Based on a 10-minute national average shower.