30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Commercial Trial Offer*

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To qualify for the "Commercial Trial Offer," all participants must complete and accept the 30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guaranty form below prior to placing their order.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted
All Major Credit Cards Accepted

30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guaranty

Yes, I wish to participate in the Commercial Trial Offer 30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guaranty. I will accept shipment via USPS Priority Mail, 12 Economy Showerhead E-222 and 12 free Faucet Aerator FA-5 (12 units of each model), to Test & Evaluate for 30 Days. I will follow the 2-Minute Installation and 2-Minute Shower Water Volume Test included in each parcel. If for any reason I am not completely satisfied with the minimum 40% up to 70% usage savings or am dissatisfied with the quality of the shower or faucet aerators, I agree to return the undamaged Test Unit(s) and the documented test results, in the same parcel via USPS Priority Mail within 30 Days from receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, not including shipping & handling.

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