Ask Google, Bing or Yahoo these questions before you purchase any low flow shower:

  • What low flow shower has the highest user acceptance, 96%?
  • What low flow shower is the most cost effective?
  • What low flow shower is self-cleaning and non-corrosive?
  • What low flow shower is 1.5 gpm with auto flow control?
  • What is the most durable and sustainabie low flow shower?
  • What low flow shower has auto flow and pressure controls?
  • What low flow shower has a 20-year replacement warranty?


Jet-Stream Showerhead Multi-Family Housing Low Flow Shower Customers

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Multi-Family Housing, Institutions, US Government & Public Housing Customers

Guantanamo Bay Gazette

GITMO Gazette

February 25, 2011, the Guantanamo Bay Gazette reports that when the PWD completes the installation of 652 1.5 gpm “Jet-Stream” Showerheads, installed with an estimated annual savings of 8,213,000 gallons of water plus an annual savings of $172, 462 on water and sewage alone, not including heated water expense and users report no loss in water pressure. READ MORE


The University Of Texas Austin
Residential Housing

New York University (NYU) Residential Housing

New York City, NY 10011

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Los Angels, CA

University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles, CA

California State University

San Bernardino, CA

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

Washington State University

Pullman, WA

University Of California Irvine (UCI) Vista Del Campo

Irvine, CA 92617

University Of California Irvine (UCI) Vista Del Campo Norte

Irvine, CA 92617

Sioux Falls SD Housing & Redevelopment Commission

US Navy Air Station

Yokosuka, Japan

US Navy Air Station

China Lake, California

US Navy Air Station

Lemoore, California

Canadian Embassy

New Delhi, India

US Navy Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

US Navy

Naples, Italy

Henderson Nevada

Housing Authority

Northumberland County, PA Housing Authority

Rosebel Gold Mines, N.V.

Suriname, South America

US Embassy

Lisbon, Portugal

Tulare County CA
Housing Authority
Marshall, MN
Public Housing Commission
Atlanta, GA
Housing Authority
Munising, MI
Housing Commission
Bald Knob, AR
Housing Authority
Northeast OR
Housing Authority
Braintree, MA
Housing Authority
Pierce County WA
Housing Authority
Coal Hill, AR
Housing Authority
Revere, MA
Housing Authority
Eunice LA
Housing Authority
Rio Arriba County NM
Housing Authority
Kankakee County IL
Housing Authority
Shrewsbury, MA
Housing Authority
Linden, NJ
Housing Authority
South Central AL
Regional Housing Authority
Malvern, AR
Housing Authority
Hannibal, MO
Housing Authority

Ashland, AL
Housing Authority

Wilmington, DE

Housing Authority

Asheboro, NC
Housing Authority

Gainesville, TX                   Housing Authority

Jackson, GA
Housing Authority
Wytheville, VA
Regional Housing Authority

Water Valley, MS

Housing Authority

Ozark, AL
Housing Authority

Brooklyn, NY

US Army Camp Roberts
Little Rock, Arkansas

Lake Williams Christian Center
Carlinville, IL

Red Lake Falls, MN

Housing Authority

Salisbury NC

Housing Authority

The Salvation Army

San Antonio TX

US Forest Service

Wisdom, MT

US Navy

Naples, Italy

Angel Lake RV Park

Wells, NV

Huntsman Marine

St Andrews, New Brunswick




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