Cuba threatens residents to prevent them from participating in demonstrations

"The tone was related, official written threats and warnings," he said.

In Mariño's case, Cardet said the activist "refused to issue a written reprimand accusing him, among other things, of instigating the protest."

Cardet was also detained by the police for several hours and threatened with jail if he returned to participate in the demonstrations in Cuba that have been taking place since the end of September.

"I was allegedly arrested for attending March 12 (on charges of disorderly conduct), accused of instigating it... and threatened with jail if I did anything like this again," Cardet tweeted.

In March 2017, Cardet was sentenced to three years in prison after a mock trial on charges of attacking law enforcement, scandal, and disturbing public order after criticizing Fidel Castro's legacy. He was paroled in May 2019 and is serving his sentence.

In September, Hurricane Ian left Cuba without power for a while, and protests broke out in cities like Holguín, Guanabacoa and Havana demanding power be restored.